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The story behind this food, how it was discovered and eventually came to market.

As a passionate hobbyist that has bred and raised Discus fish, Rams, Apistogramma
Cacatoides, Sealpoint and Pinoi Angels etc, it has become a dream of mine to find a
super food. One that you can feed with confidence and with the knowledge that it will not
cause harm to your fish. To my surprise I found such a food and after my trials I decided
to start sharing my success with my Facebook group as I always have done with my
hobby. The methods of feeding, how to feed this food to fry, different ways I discovered
to apply it that has made the application so easy and clean. No more messy grinders,
mortar and pestles or struggles in hatching and breeding live cultures if you don’t like
the idea of keeping cultures. I still do cultures as I like the way the baby fish chase the
food around. This food is so versatile that you only need the DRP 1 for one day old fry up
to 3 month old fish.

A super food with no preservatives, no colorant and no hormones. A food that is safe for
all fish, tropical and marine. It is used in the raising of food fish for human consumption
around the world and due to this none of the unwanted preservatives and substances
are allowed to be used in this food.

This food is suitable for Tropical and Marine fish types in the everyday aquarium keepers
fish tanks.

With my Ram breeding project, I completely stopped feeding frozen foods all together to
prevent any chance of disease infestation to my rams. After months of research and
tests I was proud to launch my DRP Aquatic Growth Formula that I discovered in my
searches of a dry diet.

This food is not readily available in the fish keeping hobby and hence the reason for the
marketing of this super food so that all can benefit from its use. Many people on my
Facebook site, Discus, Rams and Plecos are aware of my journey and experimentation
in raising my German Blue Rams and Apistogramma Cacatuoides from free swimming
to successfully breeding in just 3 months using this food. The food was applied from the
free-swimming stage to 3 months of age. I still use micro worm, vinegar eel and freshly
hatched brine shrimps in the first two weeks as an additional supplement and started
weening the fry after two weeks to exclusively feed only on the DRP 1 Aquatic Growth

I also experimented on raising Angel fish fry where I fed them from day 1 of free
swimming without supplementing with brine shrimp and micro worm to see if this food is
capable to raise the babies from day 1 onward. I only used the DRP1 finely crushed
between the fingers and the babies grew really well from the first day of free swimming
and they looked very healthy.

Due to my success with this food in raising three batches of Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi,
one batch of Apistogramma Cacatuoides and some Angel fish fry I have decided to
market this food and share it with the breeders and fish lovers that are always searching
for easier ways to raise their newly hatched fry. This is in support of the hobby to help
and support all breeders, new and old and to give something back to the hobby for
others to be successful as well. This food is very well prices and very competitive to well-
known brands in the market. You will find that it lasts longer due to it being rich in protein
and therefor requiring less food to achieve the enhanced growth and health that is

There are many foods out there and many of them are good. The difference though is
that the DRP1 and 2 Aquatic Growth Formula can be effortlessly crushed between your
fingers to a size smaller than freshly hatched brine shrimp (30 – 80 micron). No other dry
food gives you this feature in these times. It also contains much more proteins and fats
than the everyday mixes. It is super rich in krill which is what makes it so good and
desired by all fish types, Tropical and Marine, and it is this feature that provides the
natural super growth rate without any other supplements but the vitamins and minerals
that are in the food.

The food has been priced to be really affordable to the everyday hobbyists with the goal
to be available to all that want to use it. For the quality that this food brings to your fish it
is very affordable and outcompetes most other brands when it comes to price per gram
for the protein content and health benefits it offers.

Another great benefit is that the food is very well absorbed. This means less waste is
generated by your fish, especially gold fish and pleco's. The good absorption rate
ensures that the ratio of fiber to unabsorbed food is high when the residual food passes
through the intestines therefore ensuring that the fish do not get constipated and
subsequently bloated.

The lower the amount of undigested food passing through the fish the lower the chances
are to generate more ammonia from the breakdown of the faces in the tank substrate.
The food is supplied in 4 pack sizes, 250 gram, 500 gram, 750 gram and 1000 gram.

Once you have used this food and seen the reaction of your fish as well as the growth
rate and health benefits you get you will be presently surprised.

The DRP food range has only been in the market since January 2021 and so far we
have only received positive reviews on my Facebook group.
We still need to meet the fish that does not eat this food.
If they don’t eat it something must be wrong and needs to be investigated.

The ingredients of fish food

Fish food consists of different ingredients that is supposed to make up a balanced diet
for the species of fish being fed. There are various protein type coming into play in fish
diets. These proteins come from Marine animals, (Most popular protein source), Land
animals and plant material that is sourced either in the Ocean, like kelp, or on land. Each
of these proteins have different make up of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA
(Eicosapentaenoic acid) omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

The idea is to feed your fish the food that bests delivers these Omega 3's to them. Other
ingredients like fats, carbohydrates and minerals also play an important role in fish diets
and growth rates. The difference lies in the following: Are you breeding fish and want
fast growths and healthy fish or are you just keeping fish for ornamental purposes? This
has an effect on the type of food you choose. High protein high fat food for growth or
lower protein and fat containing food for adult fish. One needs to remember here that
most of the high branded fish foods contain higher levels of protein and fat. Proteins are
the one main substance that makes fish food expensive depending on how much it

Also very importantly is how this food will affect the fishes metabolism. Will it get bloat
and become constipated. A fish food that is well absorbed should not result in bloat.
The DRP fish food range is made for the promotion of growth and heath of fish. It is also
used to feed adult fish and maintain their heath and energy needs. The DRP food is very
well absorbed and fish generally produce less wasted if fed on this food. This is one of
the reasons that this food is so popular in the world of Aquaculture. It is safe, efficient
and delivers results.

I have attached a paper for the review of Fish Food Ingredients. This is by no means
the only information out there but is a great start to understand the reason for adding the
different amounts of proteins, fats, fibres, minerals and vitamins that is added in fish

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DRP 2 Aquatic Growth Formula

Same as DRP 1 but just slightly bigger at 0.9 – 1.8 mm in size. This food can also be
crushed exactly the same way as DRP1. It has the exact same ingredients and is slightly
bigger to allow feeding larger fry and juvenile fish up to adulthood. This food can be fed
to all types of fish, Tropical and Marine species, especially if in a growth phase.
This food can also be applied to feed most fish species from floating feeders, mid water
feeders to bottom feeders. Application of the food to keep it floating is just to sprinkle it
softly on the water surface. It will stay afloat for a few minutes for the surface feeders to
feed and when it starts to sink the mid water feeders will get their turn leaving the bits
that reach the bottom to the bottom feeders.

DRP Aquatics are happy to present some technical and application data on this great food for all fish types

DRP 1 and 2 Aquatic Growth Formula can be crushed to powder between your fingers to a size between
30 – 80 microns. This powder is smaller than a brine shrimp, making this food the only
one of its type that can be fed to freshly hatched fry from 1 day free swimming up to 3 months or more of
age. This ease of application is for most of the fish species from live bearers to egg layers and tropical to
marine. It fills that gap when you do not have your live micro foods like brine shrimp and micro worm readily
available to feed your newly hatched fry. It also makes it easy for many hobbyists that struggle to hatch
brine shrimps and don’t want to keep worm cultures for the feeding. For some it’s a messy job and this
alternative makes for a great opportunity if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. For what you get in term
of a growth formula there is no other food that allows the application to feed fry from 1 day old to 3-month
of age at a cost of <12 cents per gram of food. If you look after your water correctly this food is a guaranteed success in raising the fry. Please do not over feed as it can result in contamination of your tank with ammonia. The DRP food range cover’s a size spectrum suitable for majority of aquarium fish. This food is extremely well absorbed by the fish making full use of all the protein, fat and other ingredients as listed on the packets. The good absorption rate leaves very little waste in the tank and also ensures excellent nutrition and growth rates to the fry from the high content of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) in this food. These substances are Omega-3 poly-unsaturated, fatty acids found primarily in fishmeal and fish oil. We have not experienced any bloat in the fish over the last 18 months of use and I have been feeding this food exclusively to my Rams and Pleco’s. This food is a global aquaculture food used for growing food fish for human consumption and therefor does not have any toxic type preservatives like Ethoxyquin (Fat inhibitor). This gives you piece of mind that this is a safe food for the growing of your fry and boosting the health of your fish. The high protein content DOES NOT result in bloat with this food. Reason is that this food is very well absorbed as it passes through the intestines of the fish. The fiber content is not absorbed at all and passes through the intestines resulting in the ratio of fiber to the little bit of undigested food to increase as the foods pass through the gut thereby ensuring that the fish does not become constipated and resulting in bloat. This food was exclusively tested on L134 and L 270 plecos and heavy feeders like Angels with great results. None of the test subjects have suffered bloat over a period of approximately 18 months now. The DRP 1-5 food range is very new to the aquarium hobby and is being exclusively marketed by DRP Aquatics, an Australian company created by a hobbyist to bring this remarkable food to other hobbyists so that all can benefit from the high quality and benefits this food holds for their fish. We have earned some excellent reviews in the last 18 months on this food and have not had one bad report yet. Feel free to research it on the You Tube channels that can be found on the DRP Aquatics web page.

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