eKoral Lite Aquarium Monitor

$699.00 Inc GST

The eK Lite is eKoral’s economical aquarium controller; which has FIVE different ports for your temp probe, pump, light, level sensor, pH/ORP probe and also communicates with a wireless power bar.

It offers a user-friendly app that is remotely controlled via WiFi or Bluetooth.Also provides instant alerts and notifications, from the 24hr real time monitoring.

Tank Monitoring

– Real-time 24/7
– Water Quality Record
– Push Notification


Automatic Control

– Automatic scheduler
– Triggers and actions
– Scenario control


Maximum Connect

– Cable
– WiFi
– Bluetooth


Feature Proof

– OTA Update
– 1 year Warranty


What’s in the box?

– eKoral Lite Monitor
– eKoral 4 Point Power Bar
– eKoral pH Probe
– eKoral Temp Probe

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