VCA Innovative Marine Slip-Fit-Drop Adapter – 16mm to 1/2in Loc-Line

$11.00 Inc GST

  • Innovative Marine AIO Aquarium Compatible
  • 16mm Slip-Fit-Drop adapter designed to attach to the return inlet
  • Compatible with the 1/2in RFG Nozzle & Standard 1/2in Loc-line
  • 3D Printed in Reef Safe PETG Plastic

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Innovative Marine Compatible Adapter

For the Random Flow Generator to work, it must be fully submerged. Most All-in-One aquariums such as the Innovative Marine tanks put the return nozzle right at the water line. This Slip-Fit-Drop Adapter solves this by dropping the nozzle below the water line just enough for proper operation.

This easy to install 16mm to 1/2in Loc-line Slip-Fit- Drop Adapter allows you to easily adapt your all-in-one aquarium to use the 1/2in Random Flow Generator Nozzle.  The Adapter is designed to replace the slip-on fitting that came with your tank and allows you to properly position a Random Flow Generator.


What size adapter do I need?

Innovative Marine tanks have two possible sizes.

A 19mm and a 16mm return line.

Most JBJ tank have a 19mm return line.

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