Maxspect Turbine Duo TD-9K DC Pump

$489.00 Inc GST

These outstanding Pumps are available now!

Versatile and multi-purpose

  • Dual output design makes the Turbine Duo ideal for many different applications, such as using as: return pump, chiller pump, calcium / bio-pellets reactor pump, etc.

Sine Wave Technology

  • Allows near-silent operationUtilizing Sine Wave Technology, the Turbine Duo runs almost silently.

Compact size

  • While the Turbine Duo is powerful, yet its body is ultra-compact and takes up much less space in your sump.

Complete set of accessories and adaptors

  • Comes with a complete set of accessories and adaptors, the Turbine Duo can be easily fit to your existing system right out of the box.

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