MRC SKIMMERS – HEAVY LOAD MR-2 + plus package


MR-2 + plus package

Footprint 266mm x 177mm x 622mm
Tank filtration 1,200-1,600 litres Extremely heavy loads
Dual Beckett injector
Pump NOT included
Recommended pump 4m head @ 4,000lph





My Reef Creations MR series skimmers are a serious tool for the serious aquarist. Utilizing the tried and tested Beckett injection technology,

these protein skimmers, utilizing a powerful pump (not included) can create a massive quantity and quality of bubbles to maximize protein skimming.

Constructed of high quality 3/8” American cell cast acrylic, completely ozone safe, and utilized by professional aquarists and organizations worldwide,

these skimmers are without a doubt one of the best skimmer designs and units for quickly and thoroughly skimming the aquarium of undesirable pollutants.

By increasing reaction height and diameter as model sizes increase, the dwell time and consequent skimmer is increased, accommodating larger system volumes.

Realistically, this skimmer line is available in whatever realm of system you wish to design. All skimmers from MR-2 and above are fully upgradeable and larger

sizes for tanks more than 5,000L can be purchased on request.


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